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068: Justin Phillips On Reporting the Four Barrel Scandal

Last year, eight women came forward with allegations against the San Francisco-based roaster Four Barrel and its owner, Jeremy Tooker. They filed suit against Tooker and the business, citing multiple instances of sexual abuse and harassment. SF Chronicle Reporter Justin Phillips diligently reported this story and the subsequent fall out, backlash, and unfortunate return to the status quo on the part of Four Barrel. 

In this episode, I talk to Justin about what it was like to follow this story, and what responsibility journalists have to listen to victims and follow stories. We also swap our favorite Netflix shows, talk about how to decompress, and honor the work of the women who stepped forward and started a movement towards transparency and accountability in the coffee industry. 

If you don't know what happened at Four Barrel, I encourage you to read Justin's reporting and listen to Episodes 34 and 35 of Boss Barista. Also, if you know anyone who still serves Four Barrel in their cafe or patrons their shop, please send them this episode. 

Ashley Rodriguez