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039: Running a Podcast Isn't Cheap...

Ok folx. We're not gonna lie - we need your help. In this episode we tell a story about failed sponsorship, sad feels, proper plant care, and do our VERY FIRST SEGMENT: #thoucrushshoutout where we highlight coffee folx past and present doing amazing things! Please consider donating to our patreon page - it's what keeps the podcast going:

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038: It's Not Over—An Unofficial Four Barrel Wrap Up

It's been almost six weeks since Jeremy Tooker and Four Barrel coffee were sued based on allegations of sexual misconduct and creating an environment where harassment was tolerated. So we emailed. We boycotted. We rallied. We watched current owners, Jodi Geren and Tal Mor, oscillate between divesting from their company and then hiring the PR crisis firm Sitrick and Co, who represents Harvey Weinstein. Now what? In this episode, we reflect on the last few weeks and make an open call to current owners, Jodi and Tal - if you want to talk and share your story, we're here to listen. Our email address is  

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036: Molly Flynn is Starting Drama and Talking Shit

Molly Flynn was fed up listening to the stories of harassment and assault her friends experienced in the coffee industry—so she organized. Molly is the founder of #coffeetoo, a grassroots organization dedicated to ending harassment in the coffee industry. We get real, we get personal, and we talk shit. CHECK OUT #COFFEETOO GOFUNDME

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Hope you were paying attention in your high school French class -- we bring you an episode of Boss Barista entirely IN FRENCH! The great folks from Cafée let us hang and record a panel with women from all over the coffee scene in Paris, and we're thrilled to share the happenings of a coffee scene abroad. Remember, this episode is entirely IN FRENCH and we hope to bring you episodes in different languages soon! 

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026: Reflections on Leadership

A leader isn't simply the person in charge--it's the person who takes responsibility for their staff and ensures their success. In this episode, Jasper and Ashley talk about leaders in the cafe and why people seem to ignore their responsibility to their baristas. LEADERSHIP IS A PRACTICED SKILL YOU CAN DO IT BETTER. Photo featuring Jen Apodaca showing folks how to roast at a #shestheroaster event.

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