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041: Samantha Mason & Korbin Richards on the Gimme Coffee Union

In May 2017, baristas at the four upstate New York Gimme Coffee locations voted to unionize, becoming the first group of baristas to form a union. Two of the organizers, Samantha Mason and Korbin Richards join us and talk about how they formed the union, what protections can baristas work towards, and the power of collective action. Hear from members of Workers United Local 2833! 

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039: Running a Podcast Isn't Cheap...

Ok folx. We're not gonna lie - we need your help. In this episode we tell a story about failed sponsorship, sad feels, proper plant care, and do our VERY FIRST SEGMENT: #thoucrushshoutout where we highlight coffee folx past and present doing amazing things! Please consider donating to our patreon page - it's what keeps the podcast going:

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036: Molly Flynn is Starting Drama and Talking Shit

Molly Flynn was fed up listening to the stories of harassment and assault her friends experienced in the coffee industry—so she organized. Molly is the founder of #coffeetoo, a grassroots organization dedicated to ending harassment in the coffee industry. We get real, we get personal, and we talk shit. CHECK OUT #COFFEETOO GOFUNDME

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008: Don't pretend like you don't have privilege!

We host a show about identity in coffee, so we thought it appropriate to confront our own privileges in the coffee community. We occupy a lot of different identities, and try to be as honest and upfront as we can. Sure, we're both women, but we also have a lot of things that give us an unfair advantage in a lot of ways, and we try to tackle our privileges one by one. 

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003: Ellan Kline

Ellan Kline is a roaster for Ritual Coffee in San Francisco. In this episode, we talk to her about issues of trans visibility, the differences between gender and sexuality, and why there are more trans-men in coffee than trans-women. 

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002: "Ambitchous"

When being assertive is seen as bossy or rude or out of control. We talk about sexist hiring practices, how internalized sexism and racism still affects us, and how to be 'ambitichous.' Share your stories on how you were ambitchous with us plz. 

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