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032: Emily Ordendoff's Statement at Reno Coffeechamps

Lots of amazing folks competed at the Reno Coffeechamps earlier this month, and used their platform to call out the SCA and speak up for their community. In this mini-episode, Jasper talks about activism and airs a statement from Emily Orendorff of Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Denver. Thank you to Emily for letting us air her statement, and Lucas Haladki for noticing this and tagging us on Twitter! 

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026: Reflections on Leadership

A leader isn't simply the person in charge--it's the person who takes responsibility for their staff and ensures their success. In this episode, Jasper and Ashley talk about leaders in the cafe and why people seem to ignore their responsibility to their baristas. LEADERSHIP IS A PRACTICED SKILL YOU CAN DO IT BETTER. Photo featuring Jen Apodaca showing folks how to roast at a #shestheroaster event.

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025: 'There Was Nothing Here Before the Coffeeshop Opened!'

Gentrification is ugly and real. In this episode, we talk about Boyle Heights, how gentrification hurts neighborhoods, and the language behind gentrification -- ever heard someone say, 'There was nothing here a few years ago?' Yes there was, it just didn't cater to your white, middle-class sensibilities. Honor neighborhoods, learn history, respect residents. 

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009: We have a favor to ask...

We're taking this week off to work on some future episodes, but we have some favors to ask you pleaseeeeeee?!? WE HAVE PINS! Check out our partnership with WINCC at and please record and email us your stories about competition and the power of effective leaders--are you a leader, do you know of one, do you wish you had a better one? WE WANNA HEAR IT! 

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