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What does a male-dominated work culture look like? Just in case you weren't sure, I made a checklist.

___ Are your leaders male?

___ Are there more male leaders than female leaders in your company?

___ Are your departments segregated by gender?

___ Do social outings mostly consist of men? Extra point if the social outing has been documented on social media?

___ Are there inside jokes between men in your company that don’t involve women? Extra point if they are sexual in nature.

___ Have you ever given or received feedback about not taking a decision personally or getting bent out of shape? Perhaps to be less emotional?

___ Are most employees white/straight/generally conforming to most standards of gender normativity?

___ Are leaders of your organization tied closer to male leaders than female leaders?

___ Has an idea you had been ignored while a male colleague has had their ideas acknowledged? Extra point if the idea you had is the exact same idea that your male colleague had and was approved.

___ Is there a known wage disparity between men and women? Half a point if you suspect one.

___ Have men been systematically promoted or given wage increases over women?

___ Have men been given said promotions or wage increases without asking for them?

___ Have you or other women asked for promotions and wage increases and been denied those benefits?

___ Have you ever heard a decision was made and someone’s gender was taken into account?

___ Have people been promoted from within without a job posting being made about the job? Extra point if the job was given to a man.

___ Is there a culture of ‘sexually charged’ jokes?

___ Does your company lack a sexual harassment policy?

___ Has anyone in your company ever commented on the way you look? 



0-7 points: Probably not ideal, but perhaps some of these things are just coincidence. Still, you should continue to take down the patriarchy! There's only a few things that are effed up so you don't have as much to contend with.

8-14 points: Yo, stuff is not good. There are a lot of problems with your company, but all is not lost! Continue to challenge things--ask for transparent wage increase, demand open communication, be a voice for change! Cool!

14 or more: You might want to consider working somewhere else, but unfortunately I suspect a lot of people will get this score and that might just mean we're all fucked. 

Erin Saltsgaver