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READING LIST 10 . 18 . 2016

What we're reading this week

(and by 'we' I mean me) 

-- I cite this article by Alex Bernson everytime I talk to baristas about engaging in their space. It was written last year but it warrants a re-read. 

-- You can argue that women need to 'lean in' all you want, but the wage gap isn't because women aren't asking for raises: because they are.

-- Sprudge is 7 years old, which is cool because this website would probably not exist without them. 

-- Being a feminist isn't easy, and this article points out all the ways that messaging about being a strong female can sometimes, who'd have guessed, can be a bit too simplistic. 

-- Hey! Not technically reading, but you should listen to Meister's talk about ambitionshe gave at Tamper Tantrum a few weeks ago. 

Erin Saltsgaver