boss barista
-- boss barista is a site and podcast highlighting the hard work, strife, and injustices of the barista profession.



Ashley (left) and Jasper (right) are the co-hosts of Boss Barista. They are based in the Bay Area and are the baddest bosses you know. 

Ashley Rodriguez started making coffee on a whim after quitting her job teaching middle school math and science in 2010. She started writing for Barista Magazine in 2013, and is their online editor. She started Boss Barista after a particularly unpleasant encounter with the host of another notable coffee podcast when she called them out for sexist comments. Boss Barista is her radical feminist response to the fuckery of the patriarchal coffee industry. 

Jasper Wilde is a coffee educator at Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco, California. She is the Board Secretary of the Bay Area Coffee Community, where her Virgo tendencies keep everyone on track and get shit done. Jasper is a social justice activist—when she's not calling out bullshit on the podcast she's marching in a rally and using her voice to show up and be a meaningful part of active change.